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Lori Dendy-Molz

  • Bachelor and Master of Arts in Journalism from the University of Alabama. English minor.
  • Worked during college as a reporter and diversity editor for the university newspaper, as a news anchor for the university radio station and as an intern covering state politics for a local TV news program.
  • Professional experience as a beat reporter covering education and local politics for two Alabama daily newspapers, and later for the European Stars and Stripes in Germany.
  • Marketing and Publicity Director for Services at Rhein-Main Air Base in Frankfurt, Germany. Duties included writing press releases as well as extensive layout and graphic design work, production of radio spots, organizing sponsorship for base events, managing a staff of graphic designers and managing a design and print shop that served the public.
  • Freelance feature articles published in various journals and magazines, including Quill magazine of the Society of Professional Journalists, Alabama magazine and Young Bucks outdoor sports magazine for kids.
  • Working professionally as a translator since 1997.
  • Winner of the 6th Proz Translation Contest in 2008, German to English category.
  • Hobbies include painting and making jewelry.

Michael Molz

  • Degree in German Literature and Linguistics (Staatsexamen Germanistik) from the University of Saarland.
  • Master of Arts in German Literatur from the University of Georgia in Athens.
  • Worked in sales and marketing for various international companies.
  • Responsible for product management and business development for a range of technical products, including chemical protective clothing, metal surface treatments and nanotechnology.
  • Publications in technical trade magazines.
  • Working professionally as a translator since 1997.
  • Hobbies include woodworking and cooking.